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It is fundamental that no attorney who holds a public office should suffer anyone to attempt to gain an advantage by virtue of his [*6] official state. -- 

STATE v. JONES, 1985 Tenn. Crim. App. LEXIS 3291, *5-6

VIDEO ABOVE: March 12, 2018 Ms. Reguli Speaks to

the Williamson County Tennessee Commissioners

about her personal experience with Guffee. Judge-Sharon-Guffee Juvenile

Link to  case:  Reguli vs. Guffee Re: court records release (click HERE)  Note that Judge Guffee only releases court records if she wants to. She wrote the local rules and included, that she has the discretion to decide whether or not she would like to provide an attorney or a party to a case their own records. We believe that her hiding court audio and video is a way to cover up her unethical behaviors. (In Natasha's case, two attorney's representing Natasha filed asking for her court 

audio/video and Judge Guffee DENIED all three. If you watch the court proceeding of June 28, 2016, you will see why the Judge wouldn't want those tapes out in the public. She is demonstrating clear and evident biased against Natasha.)  Also, there are many others who have requested their records but "at her discretion," Judge Guffee refused. See in case of Connie Reguli filings for court records: 

RE: "Connie Reguli,  representing herself, filed suit against a juvenile court judge and clerk after she was prevented from accessing recordings of juvenile court proc eedings to which she claimed she was entitled under state law. She sought a writ of mandamus and a judgment declaring the juvenile court local rule, under which the judge denied her requests, invalid. The attorney amended her com plaint, joining four clients that she had previously represented before the juvenile court. The judge and clerk then filed a motion to dismiss, which the chancery court granted. We conclude, as did the chancery court, that two of the plaintiffs lacked standing and that state law does not entitle plaintiffs to the recordings. Therefore, we affirm the chancery court‟s dismissal of the amended complaint." 

Link to news article in The Tennessean re:Judge Sharon Guffee court re: rape of youth by detention employee) 

Link to Connie's youtube video re: judicial reform (from 2010)

Link to Reguli vs. Guffee RE: Ms. Reguli, as next of kin to her daughter vs. Judge Guffee

Link: Lawsuit against Williamson County, TN

​Connie's packet


Connie is a mother, a grandmother, an attorney, a business owner, AND an advocate for change.This is  how Judge Sharon Guffee ruined Connie's daughter's life.

In 2008 her 16 year old daughter met a guy on-line and ran away. As a parent she was frantic. Her daughter wasn't really mad at her but she was suffering from young-teen madness. As a mother, Connie did what she thought she should do as a parent and reported her as a run away. When Connie found her, she had to turn her over to juvenile court, Williamson County, TN  where her nightmare began with Judge Sharon Guffee.

Judge Guffee placed Connie's daughter in anger management classes (no anger issues), put her on in-home detention, prohibited her from having a cell phone or access to computer and, if she broke those rules Connie would go to jail.

Judge Guffee made Juvenile Court Director Zannie Martin come to my house and inspect it for a computer (which I would not allow her to walk through my house) and ultimately my daugher on an ankle monitor. Then all hell come down. Her daughter couldn't make all the anger mgmt classes because I had to work, and she accidently answered a cell phone while she was home minding her own business. The call was from Zannie Martin who then sent the sheriff to Connie's home who zip-tied her daughter while she was not there and hauled her to detention and would not even let Connie talk to her.

Then there was a criminal contempt petition on Connie for having a cell phone her my home. Judge Sharon Guffee decided she was going to put all of her children in foster care and did not ONLY because a wiser judge told her not to do it. When the ankle monitor broke, Judge Guffee ordered Connie to come to court on two days notice and when Connie arrived Guffee said, "Where is your daughter," and Connie said "work." Judge Guffee then ordered the sheriff's department to go arrest Connie's daughter at her employer (a grocery store).

What Connie's daughter did NOT do....she did not do drugs, she did not assault anyone, rob anyone, steal from anyone, or skip school. She made good grades and always went to school. Judge Guffee gave Connie's daughter severe PTSD and made it so she could NEVER go to work at the grocery store chain.

In addition, many parents have complained to Connie about Judge Guffee and the similar treatment they received. In Connie's case, she filed a federal lawsuit and although it was dismissed, it got Judge Don Harris appointed to her case. A wise and sensible judge. He dismissed everything pending and yet the damage had been done. Only by the grace of God and Connie's persistence with her daughter has she been able to keep her on track as a young adult. Guffee treated Connie's daughter poorly and caused emotional damage that put her at risk of harm. So sad that juvenile court is such a hell hole for parents.

 Connie's law career started as a prosecutor of domestic violence and child abuse. In this capacity, she learned the tragic consequences of physical and emotional abuse in the intimate sphere of family relationships. For over twenty years she has had a private practice defending the rights of parenting, families, and children against the intrusive interference of government entities. 

Her advocacy for change pushed her to build a social media network of families, professionals, and lawmakers as a centralized place for the posting of ongoing activities  in the child welfare arena. The Family Forward Project on Facebook over 10,000 members (and growing)  and it provides a forum for the posting of new stories, legislative announcements, personal stories, and legal training. With this central point of information, it is easy to see that this issue is of major public concern. 

 In August 2017, Ms. Reguli worked with a small group of volunteers to mail this packetto every member of the Tennessee General Assembly and every juvenile court judge in Tennessee. Over 250 envelopes were hand-addressed.  Natasha, (See under "Our stories- Natasha's story" in the sub-menu) spoke at a PUBLIC hearing at the Joint Sessions Hearing at the Tennessee Legislature regarding the sunsetting of the Judicial Conduct Committee.

          Natasha had been a proponent of doing away with the Judicial Conduct Committee and replacing it with a more effective system where transparency was in place and where favoritism of "Judges judging other judges" would end and afford complainants a chance against the biased group in existence. Connie Reguli had been a longtime advocate for the same cause. See VIDEO BELOW

 with a c Natasha spoke about Judge Sharon Guffee's misconduct in front of the Tennessee board of Judicial Conduct and legislature about her experiences with Judge Sharon Guffee.  Chris Craft, chairman of the BJC  was present. He was invited to personally meet with all the people complaining against the judge. He declined. However, Chris Craft most likely contacted Judge Sharon Guffee  and informed her about Natasha's statements against her. Note that Chris Craft was quick to contact the Judge but not interested in hearing the complaints of many. Seems he has already determined whose side he is on. Exactly why judges shouldn't be judging judges. 

In response to Natasha's PUBLIC SPEAKING  Judge Court Judge Sharon Guffee filed an ethical violation complaint against Connie Reguli!! See her FIRST OF THREE complaints here: #1 GUFFEE COMPLAINT  against Connie Reguli. Note that she is using her professional, tax payers time and money and official Williamson County Juvenile Court letterhead for her PERSONAL complaint. There are no cases in front of her and she should have used her personal time and letterhead. (Also in violation of Judicial Canon)

Judge Guffee's complaint is evident in itself of that this judge has no clue to what is going on in family courts. She should thank Ms. Reguli for the information.    Ms. Reguli shared the Judges Complaint on a group Facebook page. That prompted Judge Guffee to write yet another complaint against Ms. Reguli. Click here to view:   #2 GUFFEE COMPLAINT against Ms. Reguli here.  Note again that Judge Guffee is using her official capacity, on court letterhead, using taxpayer time and dollars to formulate this second complaint against Connie Reguli. .

Click here to view"#3 GUFFEE COMPLAINT against Connie Reguli."  


​Guffee went on to file a fourth complaint against Connie. Guffee also recused herself on a case and of course, she blamed Connie for that too. 

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