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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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In summary, teenager Kendal had suffered from seizures most of his life. His parents were divorced. At the time when all the Brentwood high school teenagers were getting their drivers licenses and cars, Kendall could not due to his seizures. It left him upset. On one occasion, he argued with his father and ended up breaking his father's cell phone. 

In order to teach him a lesson, and show that there are repercussions for wrongful behaviors, his father took him to Juvenile Court. 

Judge Guffee ordered the teenager into MEDICAL DETENTION.He was placed in a facility which housed other teenagers who had been involved with drugs and stealing cars.

Diane, the boys mother, would come very often to visit her son. The other boys mentioned in an interview, that they have seen mothers hug their sons, but this boy would kiss his mama. It was apparent that mother and son had a very close bond. 

Diane went to then Magistrate Sharon E. Guffee and pleaded with her release her son from detention and put him in her care.  Guffee refused. 

Two weeks prior to the boys 18th birthday, he didn't show up at the detention center outdoor field. When staff checked  his room, they found him dead. God rest his soul! While the Detention stated that they gave him his medication, the autopsy showed otherwise. There was no sign of any medication in the boys system. 

Upon hearing what Diane had gone through, and upon learning of Guffee's involvement, we the people knew we had to make this case known. This  shows that Guffee has had a pattern of these horrific behaviors. 

We lift Kendall's name. We remember him.We pray for him and his family.  Heaven gained an angel. We hope to God that Judge Sharon Guffee is removed from the bench before another child and family suffers. 

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee

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Teen’s death in care of DCS brings $250,000 settlement" Courtesy of The Tennessean.

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“What we’re finding is that children don’t respond to being locked up. It actually can make them worse.”    -Judge Guffee    -WKRN  April 27, 2017