Judge Sharon Guffee | Williamson County, TN - Official Sitehttps://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/1356/Judge-Sharon-GuffeeSharon Guffee has been a resident of Williamson County for almost thirty years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. She received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Nashville School of Law in 1997. From 1997-2003 Judge Guffee was an Assistant District Attorney for

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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee Juvenile court, Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee
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VIDEO ABOVE: May 2015 – A teen so distressed from the trauma caused in Judge Sharon Guffee’s courtroom and the subsequent detention, sped through downtown Franklin and could have died. 

These stories of the destruction of families are bad enough, but this is what happened when Elizabeth fought back. 
Elizabeth filed a lawsuit for her son for his maltreatment and sexual assault in the Williamson County detention center.  Instead of being forthcoming and opening providing what one would expect in a lawsuit, she says the entire system has withheld information and covered up these events from the beginning. 
She says, "First they cut us off totally for over a year due to the criminal proceedings.  Then the DA charged the guard with the wrong offense and never let us know that they had made a mistake. The gross negligence of the DA allowed the sexual perpetrator to walk free even when there was DNA evidence.  Then we found out that two days after my son was assaulted, the detention personnel knew that there was video footage of the events that occurred that day, including the supervising employee, Jodie Stinson, leaving the facility multiple times, leaving my son in the hallway of the facility alone with the perpetrator.  Instead of turning the video footage over to the police, they let it be destroyed and did nto tell us.  The detective failed to even ask for the security video footage and claims that the maintenance man told him their was not video.  
The Court found that Judge Sharon Guffee could not be liable for ordering my son into solitary confinement just because she is a judge. The lawsuit remains pending in Federal Court. 

VIDEO ABOVE: 2017 - Mother of young J.H. holds back tears as she recalls the trauma of dealing with Judge Guffee’s abuse of her son, J.H.

The juvenile court system is, by law intended to rehabilitate children.  Elizabeth, like Allison, found herself in front of Judge Guffee when her teenage son acted out and she had tried all other avenues.  

Elizabeth's son had an undiagnosed neurological disorder, not like he was a criminal. She quickly learned that instead of supporting the parents and recommending other resources, her family became the commodity of the juvenile court system, the one where Judge Sharon Guffee commands.  

Elizabeth says, "we thought there would be help but soon they were imposing restirctions; Their “counselor” was not licensed and told the Youth Services officer that I was crazy. Their ankle monitoring provider had a faulty system. My son saw multiple doctors, who ultimately said I was doing the right thing." Her son’s experience became her living nightmare.

           "I had no idea what that facilty was like."  He got worse.  His neurological disorder went untreated and ignored by staff. When Elizabeth finally convinced Judge Guffee that her son needed to get brain rehabilitation,
Guffee gave Mother a single day furlough pass to take her son to Illnois, 3 ½ hours away and get him admitted on the same day or return him to the jail.  (Nice, huh?) 

          Elizabeth tried to make it happen – drive, wait, insurance, all of it. "I knew that if I took him back, Guffee would not let him go."  Mother was working with him, going through rehab, education, and watching him. Elizabeth left her business even.   "On Nov 13th, Guffee called me on my phone and screamed at me to get him back to detention," says Elizabeth. 
What was waiting for her son in detention was a nightmare.  On his return to detention, the juvenile was placed in solitary confirnment, his brain disorder was ignored, his family time was restricted; He was denied any education. Elizabeth says that her son was in isolation for five weeks.

He missed thanksgiving with his family,  had no medical treatment, and no school. They were the worst days of my life, not being allowed to talk to him. Ultimately, a parents’ worst nightmare happened when the boy was  assaulted by a guard.  Two days later, in front of Judge Sharon E. Guffee, when the parents though it could not get any worse, it did. Judge Guffee told the juvenile that "the only thing worse was a false allegation." . The damages to her son, Elizabeth says, are irrepairable. He has still not recovered.



VIDEO ABOVE: March 12, 2018  Mothers Appeal to

Williamson County Tennessee Board of Commissioners

VIDEO ABOVE:Juveniles in solitary confinement.