Judge Sharon Guffee | Williamson County, TN - Official Sitehttps://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/1356/Judge-Sharon-GuffeeSharon Guffee has been a resident of Williamson County for almost thirty years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. She received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Nashville School of Law in 1997. From 1997-2003 Judge Guffee was an Assistant District Attorney for

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee


Judge Sharon Guffee filed three complaints in six months  against Attorney Connie Reguli in retaliation for her speaking out in public forums. Guffee used the official Juvenile Court government letterhead to make her personal complaints. This is a CLEAR violation of Judicial Conduct RULE under Canon 1.3: "Avoiding buse of the Presitige of Judicial Office," whereby "a judge shall not abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so."  Furthermore, the comments specifically state, "1) A judge must not use judicial letterhead to gain an advantage in conducting his or her personal business."  Please note that Judge Sharon E. Guffee sent 3 separate complaints against Connie Reguli, a person with whom she does not have a case and has not been in front of for over 4 years. Guffee's agenda is strictly PERSONAL, yet, she is sending each complaint on official Juvenile Court of Williamson County, TN. letterhead. Perhaps she typed it up during her "work" hours in the court while getting paid by taxpayers dollars. Clearly, she is also demonstrating "Impropriety." 

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Aug. 15, 2017 TN Legislature Meeting re: Sunsetting (doing away with) the Board of Judicial Conduct. 

Impeach Judge Sharon E. Guffee of Williamson County Tn. Gov.

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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Who's Judging The Judges? By Phil Williams - May 23, 2017

Mr. Craft and all BJC members, we know that you are hearing us loud and clear. We know you have received formal complaints against Judge Sharon Guffee and have heard several complaints through email communications and news and media.  

We demand a speedy investigation. We demand justice. We are not looking for your board to issue a letter of public reprimand four years later as you did in the case of your own  board member Judge Christy Little. (Karen Caldwell filed a complaint against Jackson TN, Juvenile Court Judge Christy Little.   Note that this judge is a member of the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct, the same board that "investigated" and reprimanded her.. The complainant says that this reprimand speaks little of the full four year investigation.  Another example of why judges judging judges doesn't work.   Click to view: this file: Public reprimand of Judge Christy Little.   Notice the judges name included in the letterhead as member of the board.

We expect immediate action on these public complaints. Judge Guffee has a pattern of misconduct that she has demonstrated over several years with several families. She is damaging and destroying families and retaliating for anyone speaking out against her. 

If you do not act on our complaints, we will file a complaint against your committee and petition to sunset the "Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct" and replace it with people who are sincerely interested in justice.  We look forward to hearing from you, and please put it in writing.

Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee, Williamson County TN Official Juvenile Court Judge gov
Judge Sharon E. Guffee Juvenile court, Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee

​​ "The Board of Judicial Conduct was created by the legislature to investigate and, when warranted, act on complaints against judges."


Judge Chris Craft - Chair of BJC


 Timothy R. Discenza-  Disciplinary Counsel for BJC
P.O. Box 50356 Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: 615-649-8851

Email- trdiscenza@att.net

Chris Craft and Timothy Discenza of the Tennessee Judiciary Conduct committee were personally and publicly notified about the misconduct of Judge Sharon Guffee in front of the House Legislature on Aug. 15, 2017.  After the meeting, both men were invited to attend a meeting to hear several citizens complaints on the same judge. Mr. Craft stated that there was nothing they could do if  "there was no appeal filed"  and there was no complaint filed. Since when is filing an appeal required to complain about a judge?  Mr. Craft also stated to the Legislature that if a story is out in the press about a particular judge, then they investigate it. He was notified of all the media coverage and still there is no interest in the complaints of almost a dozen people against Judge Sharon Guffee. Mr. Craft believes that most complaintants are just  disgruntled people unhappy with the judges rulings or sentencing, people unhappy about getting a balony sandwich in prison." Hope this site, the media attention, and emails to him will prompt an immediate investigation of all allegations. 

Excerpt from 

19. Should the board be continued? To what extent and in what ways would the absence of the board affect the public health, safety, or welfare of Tennessee citizens?

The Board of Judicial Conduct should definitely be continued. The Board provides an avenue for members of the public to voice their concerns about perceived ethical misconduct and the means to follow up on and resolve those complaints without time-consuming, expensive hearings and litigation. We must ensure that the public has a means by which a complainant can report his or her concerns and then to provide the means to institute the investigation and discipline of judges who violate the Code of Judicial Conduct as well as the investigation of judges who may be suspected of developing a disability.

The Board also serves as a deterrent to judicial misconduct, not only by the threat of public sanction, such as a request for removal from office, but also by the Board’s efforts to educate and inform attorneys and the judiciary of potential problems by teaching at conferences and seminars.

The Board also provides an efficient and inexpensive way to purge the system of judges who become disabled or exhibit unethical behavior by offering them the option of resignation rather than the filing of formal charges resulting in a public and expensive trial and costly, lengthy removal hearings in the legislature (keeping in mind that regardless of whether or not a judge resigns prior to formal charges being filed, suspected criminal conduct is always reported.)

The Board has also acted as an avenue for initiation of needed criminal investigations, and pursuant to 17-5-301(e)(5) has enlisted the aid of the Attorney General, a local District Attorney or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation when suspecting a crime may have been committed by a judge.

The Board is also the only means of immediate suspension of a judge upon the return of an indictment or the filing of an information charging that judge with a felony, to ensure the public is protected during the time that criminal charges are pending.