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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee Juvenile court, Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee
Judge Sharon Guffee Juvenile Court Official Dana McLendon David Grimmet Judge Sharon E. Guffee of Tennessee Williamson County

Kristine, a Swedish-American, duel citizen, and tri-lingual lady, who holds multiply university degrees, is a mother of three precious young children. She never had any record of substance abuse, criminal history, or any health or mental illnesses. She was and is a completely competent, sane, and a loving mother.  

Post divorce Kristine had legitimate concerns for the well being and safety of her children. She knew that protecting them was her main responsibility and reporting the abuse was her mothers, citizens, and human obligation. 

Despite the threats from her ex, Kristine immediately  reported the facts to the appropriate agencies. She relied on the police, the Child Protective Services, and the courts to protect her, her children, and provide justice. She walked into Judge Sharon Guffee's court believing the court would protect her children from their father, but Guffee turned it all around and made Kristine out to be an abuser.

In front of Judge Sharon Guffee's courtroom, and dealing with her puppets, (known also as guardian ad litem David Grimmet and others hired and paid for by Guffee's court), Kristine and her children became further victims...now to the "injustice" system. This started the process of a slow torture that led to Judge Guffee's orders to  make three young children motherless, a mother childless, homeless and penniless all under the pretense of a just court.  

 Kristine was falsely accused of being a danger to her children. She was ordered by Guffee to see a counselor  but her ex was not. Kristine went to a religious counselor and later, Guffee changed her mind, and said, you need to see a licensed Psychologist. Guffee continued on her pattern of abuse and made orders upon the mother, not the father, orders with no cause or reason, evidence or necessity. 

At first, Judge Guffee ordered a "temporary"  order to break the mother/childrens strong attachment and then, began a really slow prosess of torture to eliminate her completely from her children's lives. The child's attorney, known also as a Guardian Ad Litem, David Grimmett, filed many motions against Kristine. He filed a motion to cut off her visitations and  to end her phone communications with children. This  self-proclaimed Father's Advocate (LINK TO VERIFY HERE)  had a clear conflict of interest in this case. He was advocating for the father. He was intent on destroying Kristine and the relationship with her 3 young children. He was not impartial. 

Without evidence or legal grounds, Grimmet told the court, "That mother spoke badly of the father." Since Guffee relies on whatever her paid employees and friends tell her, she took Grimmet's comment as golden. 

Initially Judge Guffee restricted Kristine's parenting time to limited supervised visitations with her three  children. This was performed under strict "hand cuff" behavior. Thereafter on Guffee's and guardian a litem's Grimmett's agenda, was to eliminate phone calls to her children.This was  followed with Judge Guffee's order for Kristine not to speak Swedish with the three bi-lingual children.(Since when is it in child's best interest to remove their education of a second language?) 

​Guffee/Grimmett and others forced Kristine to withdraw her “allegations” of sexual abuse upon the children, or else she would be faced with consequences. Under threat and duress, she reluctantly and unwillingly withdrew her court filings.  Kristine still managed to tell Guffee that "the facts remain the facts and I cannot change the facts that my children were sexually abused." 

Grimmett further  threatened to garnish mother's bank account for his lawyer fees, and Guffee did not object. Guffee further ordered that Kristine pay for her ex husbands attorney's fees.  Kristine looked to her lawyers for help. She turned to Dana McLendon III, an aspiring comic known for ridiculing woman, (LINK HERE)  and a reoccurring player in the Guffee courtroom.  Kristine looked to him to save her from homelessness. She couldn't support three children, rent, food, and basic living necessities. As in many other cases, the aspiring comic did nothing. 

The mother stood with tears down her cheeks and was barely able to speak. She pleaded with Guffee to consider that her possessions/inheritance /fortune of substantial amount was stolen by her ex. None of the mother's pleas stood in the way of Guffee's total disregard for the law and her insensitivity to children's need for a loving and caring mother.  

Guffee, intent on destroying Kristine's life, managed to harass, intimidate, roll her eyes in court, take away all this mothers funds, take away her three  children, and managed to accomplish this without any reason, legal grounds, or evidence. Kristine was just another victim of Judge Sharon Guffee's  abuse of power. Guffee denied Kristine her parental rights. She denied her  freedom of speech. She never looked at the evidence.   She mistreated Kristine and disrespected the laws.