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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee

Judge Sharon E. Guffee

Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee, Williamson County TN Official Juvenile Court Judge gov
OF Williamson County TENNESSEE 
Judge Sharon E. Guffee Juvenile court, Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee

​ABOVE VIDEO: 2017. Natasha speaking at TN Legislature

 about replacing the ineffective Judicial Conduct Committee and about Juvenile Court Judge Sharon Guffee. Judge-Sharon-Guffee Juvenile

ABOVE AUDIO:  Natasha speaking out about Judge Sharon Guffee on  popular internet radio show, "Far From Normal Radio." 

Neither parent wanted to move out, nor did they make a request for the other to move out. Father's attorney, Dana McLendon III, spoke on record that this would be difficult to do. Two weeks passed. Without a hearing, (or Due Process), and without the authority or jurisdiction to make such a determination as to vacate someone from their only home and to deny them their personal property, and without any evidence presented, Judge Guffee "tossed a coin"  on March 16, 2016  and signed an order fraudulently  "Upon the hearing on March 14, 2016 (there was NO HEARING, no record of a hearing, no notice of a hearing), and upon the evidence (there was no evidence presented).

Remember, just two weeks ago, Judge Guffee stated, "One of the parents needs to move out. I DON"T CARE WHICH ONE." She tossed a coin and just like that decided,  "MOTHER IS TO VACATE IMMEDIATELY."  At that moment, mother, child, and their dog became homeless.  There was no regard to anything. Did the mother have a place to go? Did mother have financial means? How would moving around from place to place affect the child? No consideration whatsoever. 

          Judge Guffee's actions and orders were opposite of what she states in public and what image she would like to portray.  "There are children who really are sleeping on air mattresses in somebody else’s house because they have no home. We want to do something for them. That’s what juvenile courts do. We take care of kids and families.”   Southern Exposure Magazine, April 13, 2017
          A month after the final parenting plan order, in which there was nothing prohibiting mother from returning to her own home, and over 4 months of homelessness, Natasha and child returned to the house of which mother was title holder and legal owner.  Father filed motion to have mother (with child)  thrown out of mother's home AGAIN. Natasha's attorney argued that Judge Guffee did not have jurisdiction, and stated, both on written record, and on audio/video court recording, that Natasha was denied  Due Process. No response from Guffee. 

          Guffee states,  " There is the issue of the home and the fact that mother was ordered to vacate the home that I did not include in the final order. Simply my mistake.  I didn't think it was necessary. Didn't even think about putting it in the final order.  Although it was MY INTENTION. So, I do think I need to modify that order because it should be in there."

So, while initially she would throw either parent out of the house, literally a "toss of the coin," now she states that it was her intention all along to include such an order in the final parenting plan and keep the mother out of her home indefinitely.  Not once did she think it might be the fathers turn to pack up and live in his car for a while.  There were no findings of fact in such an order for mother to "vacate the family residence immediately." There were no findings of fact in such an order that justify such extraordinary relief in a custody action. The relief allowed under a paternity action is defined under TCA 36-3-211. None of which include extraditing someone from their own real property. 

          Dissatisfied with the fact that she had no jurisdiction,  Judge Guffee TELLS  the  opposing counsel  on what actions to take against mother! Guffee says,  "I think YOU (speaking to her longtime buddy Dana McLendon III) need to file YOUR Rule 60... Uhh...or Motion to Alter or Amend separately from this. And we'll take that up." (In other words, file that and then I can help see that mother is out of the house again!) "The only way that this court would have exclusive jurisdiction is if Dependency and Neglect was filed." (Giving Dana McLendon another option) Again, there was absolutely NO evidence of ANY abuse, or any neglect of ANY kind from anyone but for  Dana McLendon's  mouth running and delivering testimony as if he was a witness in the case, as evidenced on the court documentation.  

 Dana McLendon III leaves the court in a huff and puff and soon files a Rule 60, just as his pal Sharon recommended.  Had Natasha appeared in front of Guffee to fight it, she'd be homeless again. However, Natasha hired a new attorney and Guffee then recused herself.  The new judge listened, followed the law, and dismissed the motion. 

Since Natasha was not present for that hearing, she requested a copy of the court's audio/video record of her case. Judge Guffee denied both requests, without explanation. The new judge allowed it without hesitation. Now we know that Guffee had reason to hide the evidence of her behavior.  

Furthermore, In the final parenting plan, Judge Guffee ordered:  "Mother must not speak Serbian to child in the presence of non-speakers and mother is to assure that child does not speak to mother in Serbian in the presence of non-speakers."  Serbian is both mother and child's first language. However, Guffee wants to give the appearance of fairness, so on March 12, 2018, she stated, "I am proud to live in a county that has the First Amendment."

Natasha has additional accusations that will be included in a lengthy file and submitted to the appropriate authorities. Stay tuned. 



ABOVE VIDEO: Sept. 12, 2016. Natasha speaking about Judge Sharon Guffee to the Williamson County, TN. Commissioners asking for her removal. Note: Judge Sharon Guffee was present at the meeting.l  


ABOVE VIDEO: March 12, 2018 Speaking at Williamson County TN. Commissioners meeting asking for Judge Sharon Guffee's removal.  

    Natasha, an unwed mother, came to the Williamson County Juvenile Court  for a custody determination and a parenting plan. Natasha did not get her first Court appearance in front of Judge Sharon Guffee until over 6 months after the petition was filed.The trial required  four court appearances over four months with each hearing date, weeks from the last.  

            At the conclusion of the very first day of hearing,  and never having heard from Natasha, Judge Guffee threatened, "Here's what we're gonna do. Uh, first of all,  until we come back, neither party or anyone is to video tape or audio tape the other party or this child.  It is absolutely deplorable what ya' all have been doing andI CAN PROMISE YOU THAT THIS CHILD WILL BE IN FOSTER CARE BEFORE I ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN."  There were NO issues or allegations  in  regards to either parents competency to parent.  Her behavior served only as a show of bullying, intimidation, and abuse of power when threatening parental rights.   

Judge Sharon Guffee continued to threaten, intimidate and abuse her power, and this was only after the first day of hearing from never hearing from the mother, "SOMEONE NEEDS TO MOVE OUT. One of the parents needs to move out. I don't care which one. You decide. TOSS A COIN IF YOU HAVE TO.  If you can't decide, call me, and I'll decide."


Judge Sharon Guffee | Williamson County, TN - Official Site Guffee has been a resident of Williamson County for almost thirty years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. She received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Nashville School of Law in 1997. From 1997-2003 Judge Guffee was an Assistant District Attorney for