-Nashville, TN. Fox News 17: Judge Sharon Guffee was featured in a story showing 8 parents speaking to the County commission asking for her removal. We are celebrating over 1 million 9000 views on one facebook posting alone. Together with other posts, this story has been circulated and viewed more than 2 million times! 

​The statement that Juvenile Court  made is typical and expected. They have no grounds to justify how making a child homeless, not following the laws, and abusing their power is good, so they had to make some statement "in the best interest of the children." 

The appearance and speech of Chris Craft, the chairman of the Tennessee Judicial Conduct Committee is a clear demonstration of how "judges judging other judges" doesn't work. Because he is aware of the attention many people have brought upon Sharon Guffee's misconduct, he is responsible to investigate. He has not contacted any one person who has complained.  He has not bothered to listen to the dozen people. By his inaction, he is showing clear biased support for Judge Guffee.  There is NO NEED TO APPEAL since none of these people that are complaining are complaining about her rulings. They are complaining because the judge is not following the laws. Not abiding to the laws IS MISCONDUCT in itself.  Mr. Craft has been informed many times, by email, by media, by formal complaints, and informal complaints about Judge Sharon Guffee. His unwillingness to communicate, take an interest, or investigate is very troubling. Since we know you are reading this, Chris Craft, we are holding you personally responsible to address all these issues. If you were truly interested for justice, you would ask for a meeting and take some good notes. We will hold you accountable Mr. Craft. We are not going away. 

-On March, 12, 2018  Eight parents spoke out against Judge Sharon E. Guffee and asked the Williamson County commissioners (who hired her and pay her 158K +/year yet claim they have no authority to fire her) and ask the Commission to remove Guffee from the bench and protect  children and  families. 

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Impeach Judge Sharon E. Guffee of Williamson County Tn. Gov.

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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee of Williamson County Tennessee Juvenile Court
Judge Sharon E. Guffee Juvenile court, Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee
Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee
Impeach Judge Sharon Guffee, Williamson County TN Official Juvenile Court Judge gov


Judge Sharon Guffee | Williamson County, TN - Official Site Guffee has been a resident of Williamson County for almost thirty years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. She received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Nashville School of Law in 1997. From 1997-2003 Judge Guffee was an Assistant District Attorney for

Judge Sharon E. Guffee

-  We the people had an anonymous tip letting us know that Marrianne Schroer, Director of Williamson County CASA was asking people to write letters in support of  Guffee. We even posted on Facebook the night prior about this tip.  Here is a copy of the post: 

FAMILY FORWARD PROJECT on FACEBOOK post on March 21 at 8:41pm · Brentwood, TN · 

So I received an anonymous contact who informed me that the executive director of CASA sent an email to all CASA workers in Williamson County and she asked them to write a letter in support of Judge Guffee.  So be watching for letters going to the Commissioners describing what a great judge she is. Time for a FOIA request.  

Do you think the CASA director should be taking a political position? CASA is a 501c3. Which means they cannot support a political candidate. I already have evidence that they made illegal political contributions."

So, there was no surprise that Marianne Schroer's letter to the editor of the Williamson Herald was published the following morning...

"To the editor:

As someone who works with our county juvenile court system on a regular basis, I feel compelled to write in response to your article referencing the March 12 county commission meeting.

During the March 12 meeting, the county commission heard 45 minutes of complaints from parents regarding alleged negative experiences within the court and asking for the removal of Judge Sharon Guffee. After reading the full article, it sounds as though the meeting was one-sided with no one in attendance who could speak out in defense of the allegations that were being made throughout the meeting.

Working with children within the court system precludes Judge Guffee from sharing any information on individual cases, which put her at a disadvantage.

As part of my job, I am in court almost every day and witness what transpires during most court cases. In my experience, I have found Judge Guffee to be fair, compassionate, conscientious and ethical, always putting the best interest of the children first. I have never once heard her be disrespectful to parents, their children, or anyone else in her court. 

She is charged with making difficult decisions on a daily basis and it is her job to ensure that the decisions she makes are the best for the child in the given situation. Judge Guffee is respected in our community and across the state and is a strong and positive force in our juvenile judicial system. All of us who work in the Williamson County Juvenile Justice system, including our judge, strive to assure every child a safe and permanent home.

Marianne Schroer
Executive Director, Williamson County CASA Inc."

​- Joining in the campaign to redeem Judge Sharon Guffee, was another Williamson Herald published letter to the editor authored by James Andrew Mauth, a 79 year old resident of Franklin, Tennessee. 

"To the editor:

After reading your article about Judge Sharon Guffee, I felt compelled to write you.
I have known Judge Guffee for many years, and I know her to be a fine dedicated judge. For every decision she made that did not turn out to please all, she has made hundreds, if not, thousands of decisions that turned out very well.
My first thought was once again too many parents of teenagers really don’t know where their kids are going, when they go out, or who they are with and what they are doing. Some parents could care less.
But, when they get in trouble, “then” they care and want to make it clear they are great parents and their children would never do anything wrong, and “if” they did, it wasn’t their fault.
Judge Guffee is wise, yet humble and knows she is not perfect, but I believe she always puts the children’s best interest first.
It would be a tragedy if she were to be dismissed. LOOK AT ALL THE FACTS. Who are these accusers? And what is their real agenda? At least, that is what I am asking myself. 

J. Andrew Mauth

Apparently Mr. Mauth has inside information into juvenile court. He states, " She (Judge Guffee)  has made hundreds, if not, thousands of decisions that turned out very well."  Did he investigate hundreds and thousands of decisions? Was Mr. Mauth present at those court proceedings? Does Mr. Mauth have access to "confidential" juvenile records?
          He also asks, "Who are these accusers? And what is their real agenda? At least, that is what I am asking myself." Mr. Mauth, we the people are pleased to introduce ourselves. We are well educated, law abiding citizens, knowledgable in our Constitutional Rights, successful , solid parents, compassionate Christians who have the courage to stand up to corruption and injustice and who have the determination to protect children and families from Judge Guffee's abuse.  
          Our "real" agenda, Mr. Mauth,  is to share our stories of the corruption we have experienced in juvenile court under the direction of Judge Sharon Guffee, to bring her misconduct to the publics attention so that she can be investigated and held accountable.  Pleased to meet you, Sir. 


--She appeared late at the March 12, 2018 Commissioners meeting. Someone had informed her that there were people speaking up against her. Judge Guffee arrived at the end of the last person to speak. All 8 people left the meeting. However, Judge Guffee was allowed to take the podium and speak even though she was not sign in as a speaker, as required by the rest of the people wishing to address the commissioners in a public forum.  Her speech can be viewed on Youtube here: Impeach Judge Guffee 

 When Judge Guffee stated, "My door is always open...," she was ONLY addressing the Williamson County Commissioners and NOT the parents. None of the parents who spoke against her were in the audience at that time.

-- Judge  Guffee filed her 3rd complaint against Connie Reguli, one of the 8 speakers.  Guffee used the official Juvenile Court government letterhead to make her personal complaints. This is a CLEAR violation of Judicial Conduct RULE under Canon 1.3: "Avoiding abuse of the Presitige of Judicial Office," whereby "a judge shall not abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so."  Furthermore, the comments specifically state, "1) A judge must not use judicial letterhead to gain an advantage in conducting his or her personal business."  Please note that Judge Sharon E. Guffee sent 3 separate complaints against Connie Reguli, a person with whom she does not have a case and has not been in front of for over 4 years. Guffee's agenda is strictly PERSONAL, yet, she is sending each complaint on official Juvenile Court of Williamson County, TN. letterhead. Perhaps she typed it up during her "work" hours in the court while getting paid by taxpayers dollars. Clearly, she is also demonstrating "Impropriety." 


--Judge Sharon E. Guffee recused herself from a case, and since a new judge has to be assigned to the case, it might be months before the mother reunites with her two young children that are special needs in the care of foster parents. After the mother spoke out, the foster parent lashed out in a public letter to the Williamson Herald Editor. The foster parent supported the Judge. Ironically, Judge Guffee stated that "every day counts when a child is in foster care."