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Sharon E. Guffee is the official Juvenile Court Judge of Williamson County  Tennessee Government 

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Judge Sharon E. Guffee

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Tori's Story

It is important to note that while the DCS made Tori's and her family's life difficult, it was Judge Sharon E. Guffee who signed the orders. Had she taken time to listen to the mother and study the case thoroughly, and have a real concern for the best interest of these two sweet boys, she would have never signed such orders that were so damaging. These boys and their family continue to suffer from Judge Sharon Guffee's actions.  For these reasons, we pray that Judge Sharon Guffee is investigated, disbarred, impeached, and held accountable. Tori's story received almost 1 million views online. Over 22K people signed a petition to remove this judge based on Tori's story alone. Click here: Change.org. "Family Courts =Ca$h for Kid$ = Protect Criminals = Torture, Abuse &Destroy Children/Parents/Families."

Tori is an amazing mother. She is a professional career woman. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a lifelong resident of Williamson County Tennessee. What happened to her is unbelievable. What happened to Tori and her family was a direct result of Judge Sharon Guffee's actions. 

Tori was all about being a mom.  Her two young sons, age 3 and 6, were her pride and joy.   When her young son disclosed some things that had happened to him that were sexually inappropriate, she told her counselor who said back to her, "if you don’t report this to DCS, I will."  Tori discovered that Tennessee law protects those who provide this information to the state sgency. 

However, for Tori, her call to DCS started a nightmare where she was called the crazy one and her children were removed as a result of an
ex parte order signed by Judge Sharon Guffee. 

Tori was very cooperative with all of demands from DCS (Department of children "services"). She took the children to Davis House (a forensic evaluation facility) , and also left her children with her parents. She got her psychological and parenting evaluations and passed with flying colors.

On her first court appearance, six days later, Judge Guffee ordered that Tori and her parents take a drug test. Without any cause, again, Judge Guffee initiated havoc on this family. Even though Tori had NEVER been accused of using drugs, she complied and passed.  Tori’s mothers test was faulty and would not report any results.  Tori’s father had not come at the court hearing because he was caring for the children at his home.  

Tori and her mother were held by DCS for hours.  It was nearly nine o.clock pm. when Tori found out that she had been held at the DCS office so that worker could find a foster home for her children.  DCS sent a partol car to the home of her father and forced him to take the sleeping children, 3 and 6 years old, out of bed and put them in the back of a police car.  He complied with the police request, without a warrant, or court order.  Her young sons cried fearfully.  

Her children were placed in the home of strangers.  Tori had NEVER been adjudicated a bad parent. She had passed her mental health exam, she was drug free and free from criminal records, and yet her children, who trusted and relied on her were kidnapped by DCS, all as a result of Judge Sharon Guffee's doing. 

In her first family meeting with DCS, knowing that she had already taken her mental health evaluation, they now switched gears.  Instead of claiming that Tori was crazy, DCS claimed that Tori had not attended to the children’s medical, dental, and educational needs.  Tori had always looked after all her children's needs and was able to provide all documentation to prove her dedication to full care of her boys.

Still, nstead of returning her children, DCS offered to let this Mother have a “trial home visit” in which she would remain under the scrutiny and control of DCS and her children remained under the CUSTODY of DCS.  
Again, this was all happening as result of Judge Sharon Guffee's orders. 

 By the end of July, Tori had educated herself on the system. She knew that there was a money insentive for removing her children from her home.  She sought out resources to fight back.   She told DCS that she was going to hire Attorney Connie Reguli. 

In spite of the assurance from DCS that they would drop their case against her,
Judge Sharon Guffee refused to sign the order keeping her and her family at risk. Judge Guffee also ordered mother to vacate out of her family home,  The Judge had no authority or jurisdiction to make such an order, nor did she have a hearing, due process or reason. The father had not even been at the family home for over 6 months, yet Judge Guffee made such an order without any cause. 

As a result of Judge Sharon Guffee's order to throw these boys into foster care, this little boy pulled his own hair out.

VIDEO BELOW: A scene from a kids movie depicting a young kid being forced into a car triggered this little boys experience when he was forced into a cop car and into foster care, away from his loving mother and grandparents. This was the result of Judge Sharon Guffee's order. 

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